Kawasaki ZX-25R dash-uae-dubai

Ever since word broke out that Kawasaki ZX-25R would be powered by an in-line 4, the world went berserk. No one thought of putting a 4-pot engine for a 250cc motorcycle in today’s day and age. Well, Kawasaki did. And it was confirmed when the bike was showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 earlier this year.

If the number of cylinders wasn’t enough for you, get this, the ZX-25R will have a 17,000 RPM REDLINE! What’s the redline of your motorcycle, eh? To give you an idea, the spanking-new Honda Fireblade CBR 1000RR-R redlines at 14,500 rpm, Panigale V4R has a redline at 16,500 whereas Kawasaki’s own supercharged Ninja H2 max outs at 14,000 revs.

Kawasaki Indonesia released a video which shows the instrument cluster of the ZX-25R. There we can see the analogue tachometer with a redline at 17,000 revs and it goes all the way to 20,000 revs. So clearly, the ZX-25R would love to be revved all day long!

The video also confirms that the ZX-25R will be equipped with advanced riding aids like KTRC, Power Modes, and Quickshifter which will make riding the ZX-25R even more fun. Kawasaki still hasn’t released the official spec sheet of the ZX-25R but it’s anticipated to have close to 60 bhp.

We can’t wait to ride this little green monster.