Vespa finally entered the segment of electric scooters by unveiling its brand new Elettrica. It is the first electric scooter by Vespa and it is loaded with many modern features.

Vespa says that it has used a new battery-powered technology in its Elettrica which produces a continuous power output of 2kW and is capable to increase this figure to 4kW as its peak output when required. Vespa has also implemented its new Kinetic Energy Recovery System (or KERS) which charges up the lithium-ion battery during deceleration. Vespa claims that the Elettrica would provide a range of 100km in one full charge and the charging time is around four hours. The scooter also boasts of its two riding modes – ECO and Power and also a revere mode.

The full-colour 4.3 inch TFT display

Being an iconic scooter brand, Vespa made sure that its first electric scooter not only looks good but also has good features. The Elettrica has a 4.3 inch full-colour TFT display which is adjustable, a USB charging port for your smartphone, a remote control key and full LED lights. It looks and feels very premium. Apart from these features it also offers Bluetooth connectivity which allows users to connect their smartphones to the scooter and can answer calls, view text messages, use navigation, etc. And to access all these, there’s an Elettrica App and a handlebar mounted joystick.

There are other accessories which one can buy. These include a hi-tech Jet helmet (which comes in the same colours as the scooter itself), and an LED-backlit backpack that features a power bank and removable back-protector, an electronic alarm, wheel-lock, and saddle cover.