While we were planning our latest ride, one of the riders came up with the idea of just getting lost. That became the theme or our ride last weekend. We all knew the direction we wanted to head in so we rode towards Kalba and wandered on to the gravel roads once we reached the village of Fayyad.

The gravel road we were on led us to the border fence road before finally leading us on to E99 in Fujairah. On the way back we found some more trails around the villages for Rafaq and Huwaylat before joining E102 again and heading back home.

The weather is getting better and that means we can enjoy being out there longer and look for new routes to add to our growing collection of beautiful off-road routes that are suitable for motorcycles and SUVs.

Here is a video and some photos that I managed to shoot. I need to pull out the camera more often, it’s tough doing it while I’m enjoying the ride.

[vsw id=”-dRy8CPZBqo” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”450″ autoplay=”no”]