Triumph has issued a recall for its 2016-2018 models of the Thruxton because of a problem which causes the engine to stall. A total of 2,824 units have been affected by this fault. These models include both the Thruxton variants – the base model as well as the R model.

The engine of the Thruxton tends to stall whenever the throttle is quickly opened or closed, with the clutch lever pulled in. Triumph says that this is happening because of an incorrect tuning of the ECU, and updating the same would fix the problem.

Engine stalling could turn out to be a dangerous gig, especially in the corners. It could lead to a crash, making the rider and others at risk. Triumph has said that the owners of the affected models will be contacted and notified of the entire episode. The ECU will be updated at firm’s dealerships free of charge. The process is expected to begin from 9 Feb.