2020 Triumph Rocket 3-uae-dubai-2

It was sometime during the end of last year when a couple of leaked pictures of the new Triumph Rocket 3 surfaced. They gave us an idea of what’s the new model is going to be like. Then we saw the Rocket 3 TFC which is already sold out. And now, finally, Triumph has unveiled the brand-new 2020 Rocket 3.

There are two variants of the new Rocket 3 – R and GT. The former is the ‘Roadster’ model and the latter is targetted towards long-distance touring. Both are humongous in size and are powered by the same engine – a gigantic 2.5-litre inline 3-cylinder engine! This thing generates 165 horses at 6k rpm. Doesn’t sound much, right? But it isn’t about the power, it’s about the torque. The Rocker 3 has loads of it, a whopping, ground-breaking, earth-shattering, mind-boggling 221Nm that kicks in at just 4k rpm!

Triumph has rigorously worked upon this engine. It’s 164cc more than that of the previous model. It has a handful of new lighter and better components like new crankcase, balancer shafts, and a dry-sump lubrication system with an integrated oil tank. These new components, along with many others, helped Triumph to reduce the weight of the new Rocket 3.

When it comes to the looks, well, you be the judge. We personally love the way this motorcycle is designed. It isn’t easy building such a big bike with so much power and torque and make it aesthetically pleasing as well. If we have to pick one key aesthetic feature of the new Triumph Rocket 3, we would go for the header pipes of the exhaust system. The three pipes emerging out from the three cylinders look fabulous.

As we mentioned that there are two variants of the new Rocker 3 – R and GT – there are a few major differences between them. The GT, since is more touring-oriented, gets a windshield at the front. It also has a revised seat which provides great comfort for both the rider and pillion. There’s also an added backrest for the pillion. The position of the footpegs has also been changed to provide a relaxed riding position. Most of these features can be installed in the Roadster variant, too, as accessories.

Triumph has also provided a new fully digital dash that is loaded with information. There is also a host of electronic aids like five-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU), traction control, cornering ABS, four riding modes, cruise control, and whatnot. What caught our eye here is the option of getting an integrated GoPro control system, Google-powered navigation, Bluetooth smartphone integration as well as My Triumph app for iOS and Android.

A big round of applause for Triumph! We simply love the new Rocket 3 and we are looking forward to getting a chance to swing our leg over it and give you guys a first impression and later a full review. So, stay tuned!