Soon after the launch of the Speedmaster, Triumph has plans to unveil a blacked-out factory custom Bobber.

Triumph’s next launch is going to be the Speedmaster on October 3 at the Triumph Factory Visitor Center. However, the British motorcycle maker also has plans to introduce another model soon in the Bonneville family: The Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black.

Triumph gives a rather extensive treatment to models undergoing the ‘Black’ model sub-line. Mechanical components, as well as bodywork, is given the all-black paint scheme that helps it stand apart from its base model. The changes are thorough and distinctive.

The Bonnie T120 with its evil twin: The T120 Black.

In the current Bonnie family, the T100 and T120 come in Black form. On those bikes, the engine and transmission covers, as well as the twin exhausts and cam covers are completely black. Black pillion grab-rails, headlight rings, mudguard stays and indicator housings replace the chrome equivalents on the stock Bonnies.

The Triumph Bobber is quite a bit more blacked out as standard compared to the rest of its Bonnie siblings. It even gets a black color option in the catalog. However, there is still a lot of scope to make the Bobber even darker. The Bonneville Bobber Black could benefit from matte black peashooter exhausts in place of the current ones. Additionally, the engine covers and headlamp trim could also be blacked out.


When the Bonneville Bobber Black comes out looking like Batman’s personal classic ride, there is a possibility that the 2018 Bonneville Bobber could gain more color to help distinguish it from its murdered-out cousin.

Black customs do not gain any mechanical changes, however, so the Black Bobber will soldier on with the liquid-cooled, 1200cc, 270-degree parallel twin engine that puts out 76 hp and 106 Nm from as low as 4000 RPM. The current Bobber is available in five distinctive paint schemes. The Bonneville Bobber Black will slot in as a separate sub-model under the Bobber brand.