Harley-Davidson has been in the motorcycle business for decades. And over this long stretch of time, it has undoubtedly created a different culture in the motorcycle community. Yes, there are people for whom no serotonin hormones (happy hormones) are released when they see a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. And this is completely alright because everyone has his/her own style and taste in things. But for the other kind of people, Harley lovers or preachers to be precise, their serotonin hormone levels shoot up the sky whenever they are near a Harley. That’s how cult Harley’s fan following is.

Harley-Davidson UAE has got a strong footprint and is quite well-established. It has an array of products lined up for potential buyers. Out of its exotic portfolio, today we’re going to discuss the top 3 features of the highly popular Harley-Davidson Roadster. So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?



Just like the different fan following, Harley has got a completely different taste when it comes to styling. It has got a charm of its own. The Roadster is one of those Harleys that look sporty and classy at the same time.

The first thing that you’d notice of this motorcycle is its contoured fuel tank. It is the only part in the entire machine that changes with the different paint jobs. My personal favorite is the Wicked Red. The finishing of the paint is immaculate and the side of the fuel tank has got the branding.


The twin exhaust pipes are also eye-catching. Their chrome finish and black covers towards the opening create a striking contrast. The multi-spoke alloy wheels also play a big role in making the Roadster an attractive motorcycle on the road.

The circular headlamp is something that we’re somewhat used to see in Harleys but its charm seems to never fade away. It fits in perfectly with the overall character of the motorcycle. Talking about character, the V-twin engine serves not only as the powertrain but also as an aesthetic element of this bike. It imparts even a greater road presence.

Engine and performance


The Harley-Davidson Roadster carries itself around by the power and torque produced by its massive 1,202cc, V-twin, air-cooled Evolution engine. You have got 95Nm of torque available at your disposal. This peak torque kicks in at 4500 revs. Twist open the throttle of this motorcycle and you’d definitely going to notice the surge it provides along with its amazing exhaust note. And be very careful, you might just fall for her.

No soaring butts even after longer rides.

The Harley-Davidson Roadster is clearly a sportier Harley. Its handlebar is a bit forward-set but it is not too aggressive. You can easily cruise on this machine on straight highways and also attack corners without a fuss. Its seat is also extremely comfortable. You can imagine how much by just having a look at it. And of course, it blends in with the style and design of the bike.

So these were the top 3 features of the Roadster. It is a phenomenal bike with enormous torque. It will boost your confidence when you ride it or even otherwise. The Harley-Davidson Roadster price starts at AED 55,000 and goes up to AED 58,000 depending on the color you pick.


What are your opinions about the Harley-Davidson Roadster? Do you have a favorite feature of this bike? Let us know!