We’ve seen a plethora of helmets that boasts of many features. Some might look cool, some might be safer than the others, and maybe some does both. However, there’s a new helmet design revealed by an American helmet brand called 6D, which might have what it takes to revolutionise the way the conventional helmets are made.

6D calls its new innovative design as the Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS). In simple terms, it is nothing but a unique suspension setup between the shell of the helmet and the lining. So in case of an unfortunate event, this system is designed to take in the impact (force) of the crash and reduce the transfer of the energy to the brain.

This unique suspension setup has got Elastomeric Isolation Dampers. These dampers are the heart and soul of this entire system. They have a shape of an hourglass and have elastic properties. These are the guys which help in reducing the impact of the crash to the head (brain) of the rider.

This new helmet design is both ECE 22.05 and ACU approved. It is a clever idea and sounds quite practical. If this goes into mass production, a lot of bikers would be willing to spend their earnings to get one. What do you think? Would you buy one?