Would you fancy a 10.3 kg electric bike that you can fold and carry? Well, Hummingbird has got you covered. Hummingbird is a British bicycle manufacturer which has successfully developed, and launched, its Electric.

Yes, that’s its name, the Hummingbird Electric. It’s a cool-looking bicycle that has got a 250 W electric motor, and a 160 Wh battery, packed inside a specifically designed rear wheel hub that measures 180 mm in diameter and 120 mm in thickness.

This motor allows the Electric to be ridden at a top speed of 25 km/h. Its range is of around 30 km on a single charge. To recharge it from the dead to full, it needs two and a half hours of time.


Speaking about the Electric, Petre Craciun, Hummingbird designer said, “We have spent the last year determining how to build on what we believe is already a truly remarkable product and the introduction of an electric model that weighs only 10.3kg is a breakthrough for the urban commuter. Hummingbird represents freedom; the freedom to come and go as you please, which you can’t do with many other models on the market.”

You can also ride the Electric as a conventional bike. And there’s a clever way of starting up the motor. To do so you need to ride over a speed of 8 km/h and then backpedal three revolutions. Interesting, right? It is also been programmed to automatically turn off when not being used for over two minutes.

The Hummingbird Electric also offers Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your smartphone with the bike via the bitride app and gets access to services like online diagnosis, bike-oriented navigation, mobility stats and other social functions. You can also lock the rear wheel of the bike.