ATGATT! We totally agree with that but the reality is different. Following that isn’t easy. Riding gear does protect you but they are also quite uncomfortable, especially when you aren’t in your best shape! However, there’s a new limb protector out there which is supposedly the thinnest and the most flexible limb protector! Sounds interesting?

D3O, the world’s number one impact protection company, has launched the game-changing new range of lightweight flexible limb protectors for motorcycle and mountain bike, and it is called the D3O Ghost.

The D3O Ghost range is the most lightweight and flexible armour from D3O. D30 made it possible by using its latest technology called Impact Print. It imprints the material directly onto fabrics and substrates.

D3O Ghost-uae-dubai

The D3O Ghost limb protector is printed onto a lightweight black lycra fabric, giving complete freedom of movement. The knee/elbow and shoulder/hip protectors are designed for use as fit and forget armour in motorsports and mountain bike. It provides superior comfort while riding. The low-profile design coupled with a geometry which conforms to the limb means that the armour fits perfectly against the body.

Mostyn Thomas, General Manager of D3O, says, “When you’re riding we know that comfort and flexibility is of the utmost importance. You want to ride with freedom and confidence – knowing that you’re protected without being inhibited by armour. The D3O Ghost range allows for just that – world-class impact protection, coupled with superior comfort.”