marc marqeuz winter break 2019 motogp-UAE_DUBAI

Marc Marquez, five-time MotoGP world champion, had a winter break just like his colleagues. However, unlike the others, Marquez’s energy is at a different level. So instead of resting, relaxing, and chilling during his winter break, he decided to do something else.

Marquez tries out music

Yep. The Spaniard got Honda’s popular adventure scooter, the X-ADV, and teamed up with Roger Wid to create some music. Marc used his understanding of two-wheelers to create some sounds or rather music which Roger then mixed to get a music track. Here, listen yourself.

Video source- Marc Márquez YouTube Channel

Marquez rides through the history of Japanese motoring

Marc took his Honda RC213V to Japan and in full race leathers, he raced through the history of Japanese motoring. He took a trip along Japan’s famous Hakone Turnpike where he encountered famous Japanese vehicles and riders. Watch the video below.

Video source- Red Bull Motorsports YouTube Channel

Well, that’s a winter break done right, isn’t it? From this MotoGP season, Marc Marquez will be sharing his paddock with his new teammate Jorge Lorenzo, who switched from Ducati to Honda Repsol. Both the Spaniards would be going head-to-head to grab the world title. It is going to be one hell of a year.