Life is full of surprises. Some of them are good and some are bad. But then some are worse than nightmares. Imagine you are doing triple digit speed on your motorcycle and one of its wheels suddenly locks up for no reason at all. Disaster, right? Well, if you own a Kawasaki Z900, then you should be aware of a defect that could do just that.

As per the latest reports, Kawasaki has issued a recall that involves 2019 Z900 ABS, Z900 RS ABS, and Z900 RS Café ABS models. The matter is regarding a faulty ABS system. Kawasaki has found out that because of a manufacturing defect the hydraulic unit on some of the Z900s has been contaminated with debris which could cause the ABS system to malfunction and lock either wheel of the affected units.

The supplier of the system said that a faulty jig shape shaves part of the ABS pump, creating unsuspected aluminum debris. This problem could lead to the locking up of any one of the wheels any time. This doesn’t even need for the brakes to be applied. Indeed, this is a critical fault that should be addressed immediately.


Kawasaki said that 497 units of the Z900 models have been affected by this situation. Owners of these models have been notified about the problem via email. They are requested to bring their motorcycle to the nearest Kawasaki dealership for a diagnosis. If the ABS unit is found from the defected lot, it will be entirely replaced without any charge.

As of now, this recall is limited to the USA only. And we hope that it doesn’t reach us here in the Middle East. But if you do own any of the aforementioned models, you might go to a Kawasaki dealership and get things cleared for your own mental peace.