Summers have just hit the region and with it brought a frown on most of the motorcyclists. The Middle East is not the best place to ride a bike during the season. However, this climate-controlled Honda motorcycle seat would ease things a bit.

Honda has filed a patent that seems to be images of a climate-controlled motorcycle seat. There are high-end motorcycles already available in the market that come with heated grips and seats, however, this latest technology will allow you to keep your seat at a pre-set temperature all day long.

We have seen climate control systems in cars, and the one that we’re talking about here works in a similar way; use fresh air for cooling and hot air from the radiator of the engine to warm up. Honda used a new seat material to make this work. It is a plastic mesh which allows air to flow through. There’s a pipe that channels high-pressure cold air from the ram air intake and runs it through the seat. This is for cooling. For warming up the seat, there’s another pipe that directs warm air from the radiator to the seat. All the plumbing have valves to control the amount of air flowing. The entire system can be controlled by switches mounted on the handlebar. So you can control the air flow and temperature using these switches.

Reports also suggest that Honda has already tested this technology on the last generation Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. However, there’s no information regarding its implementation in the real world. If and when this thing comes out, it’s most likely to be seen on touring and adventure models like the Honda Africa Twin and Honda Gold Wing.

It’s good to have such awesome technologies that make motorcyclists’ lives easier, especially in the summers like the BluSnap 2 helmet.