One of the greatest inventions (for motorcyclists) is the helmet. It is one of the most important riding gears that one should wear every time astride a motorcycle. And the use of helmets isn’t just limited to motorcycling. They are being used in many other industrial works for years and have saved many lives. Now, Premier claims that it has developed a new helmet which is completely noiseless.

Modern helmets are really advanced when it comes to design and safety. However, there’s still wind noise that seeps into them. This gets very irritating, especially for riders who like to tour a lot. It is a major factor to tire out the rider much faster and also could cause distractions. Premier is here to help solve this problem.

The new Vyrus helmet by Premier is a complete noiseless unit. Premier says that it has spent a good amount of time and a comprehensive study of the design in a wind tunnel, to build this product. It has done extensive research to find the sweet spot which provides uncompromised comfort, safety and aerodynamic performance while keeping the noise out.

The Vyrus is made up of a thermoplastic material that is highly resistant to impact. The inner shell is moulded in varying density EPS to ensure maximum protection and absorption. The interior is available in two different sizes. There are three adjustable vents to keep the rider cool. one of them is located at the chin bar whereas the other two find their spot at the top.

Premier has used polycarbonate to build the visor. It is built by injection moulding and is 2.2 mm thick. It also features the Pinlock system. There’s also a separate housing on the outside to accommodate a Bluetooth communication system if you fancy.

Available in 10 different graphics, the new Vyrus would be a boon for the motorcyclists, if it is what Premier says it is. It is available in sizes ranging from XS to XL.