The latest creation by Japanese engineers at Suzuki is surely not for the weak-minded. While the GSX-R1000 sees a neutered output in most of the countries clocking to a maximum of 200bhp, the Japanese have cranked it up to 11. 211, to be more precise.

While one might think little of the amount of difference a mere 11 extra horses can make, it has to be said that the lunge in power is not the only thing that the modified GSX-R1000 Ryuyo is crowned with. The Gixxer is made as an homage to the Ryuyo R&D centre that tests all of Suzuki’s new models is an outcome of a consortium of engineering minds from Yoshimura, Öhlins, Dunlop, Brembo, K&N, Motul, D.I.D. and others.

One mean litre-class monster: Gixxer Ryuyo.
Blessed with a carbon fibre body, the kerb weight of the bike is just 168 kg. The carbon fibre body as the company claims is reinforced by multilayer kevlar in the engine for adequate protection in the event of a fall. The same reinforcements can be fixed directly to the crankcase screws without the need for silicone.
The complete spec sheet of the litre-class Gixxer has not been revealed by the company yet. However, basic output figures of the mean machine stand at 211hp and 119 Nm.
The suspension setup on the bike includes an inverted telescopic suspension with Öhlins NIX 30 cartridge in the front and a fully adjustable Öhlins TTX GP suspension at the rear. The bike comes to an absolute stop with the help of twin 320mm Brembo T-Drive discs up front and a 220mm disc out back. 2019-Suzuki-GSX-R1000-Ryuyo-Dubai-UAE
The Suzuki GSX-R1000 Ryuyo comes with a standard Yoshimura R-11 full titanium exhaust with an EM PRO control unit. Other ‘extreme components’ in the bike include the multi-adjustable GP EVO footpegs, brake callipers, dissipators, engine crankcase protectors, GP handlebars, brake lever protection, carbon-fiber front mudguard and frame, Neoprene saddle and remote control brake pump.
The big Gixxer will hit the showrooms on November 10 with a price tag a little more than $35,000.
The superbike game is perceptibly hotting up. Can you feel it?