Supercharged Kawasaki Z-uae-dubai-teaser

Remember the H2’s teaser video back when it was soon to be launched? It gave us goosebumps all over the body. For me, it was the whistling of the supercharger that kept me grinning for days. And now, it has happened again after watching the first-ever teaser of what looks like a supercharged naked Kawasaki Z!

Kawasaki has released a short clip which shows an animation of a supercharger fan and we also hear its sweet whistling. The video also slams the Kawasaki’s ‘Z’ branding which implies things are going to get naked.

Slapping a supercharger on a motorcycle isn’t something new for the Green Team. We’ve got the H2, H2R, and H2-SX, all proudly carrying a supercharged engine. It is too early to comment on what the new supercharged Z would be like, however, our guts say that it would be a Z1000. Kawasaki might have built it entirely from ground zero or would use the chassis of one of its supercharged bikes, who knows.

For now, it is being speculated that Kawasaki might do some unveiling at the upcoming international motor shows like Tokyo Motor Show, EICMA, etc.

We have to hold our horses until Kawasaki reveals more information on this one. Thank you, Kawasaki, for making our day exciting by releasing the teaser video! We can’t wait to know more about this new naked you have!