At the Silverstone GP, Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales did very well when compared to just two weeks before. It was believed that there were some electronic tweaks done to the bike that gave the riders the competitive edge on the Silverstone GP. However, this was not the case as further study reveals new information on why these guys were great in their latest bout. When it comes to racing, there is always a technical explanation as to why a certain racer becomes competitive. In a matter of just two weeks, the M1s became very competitive and this showed in the Silverstone GP. At the Red Bull Ring, things were different as the Yamaha Factory Racing team finished a frustrating sixth and seventh places.

VR on M1
source: CRASH

However, in the Silverstone GP, they finished second. When asked about this, both of the riders said that it was the electronics that gave them the edge. The actual reason was that the chassis was different. Engines cannot be changed and only six engines are allotted for a season so that was never the reason. There was a new chassis that was sported to the bikes that showed a good step forward for the Yamaha racing team and so they decided to keep it as is to and take it to the British GP.

At the Silverstone weekend, Rossi and Vinales had options of testing both the old and the new chassis to compare and see which gave them an edge and they went with the newer chassis. Their choices really helped them greatly to reach better lap times and get a lead on the race. Vinales said that he was comfortable with the bike and Rossi said that he needed some getting used to and the numbers suggested that they both were excellent performers in the race. This puts the M1 at a competitive lead at the San Marino GP and brings Yamaha back to the fight.