Kawasaki Ninja H2 is one of the most lethal motorcycles available in the market right now. Kawasaki really pulled off everything just right with its H2 that produces 200 hp and 133.5 Nm of torque from its supercharged inline 4-cylinder engine.

The Japanese didn’t just stop there and built a more powerful and devilish version of the H2, the H2R. Well, it’s been years since then, and even today the Japanese aren’t stopping. They are preparing to set a new world record with the Ninja H2 coming August.

Kawasaki Team 38 is aiming for a new world record with the road legal Ninja H2 at the upcoming Bonneville Speed Week which is going to be held on 11-17 Aug. What exactly the world record be is unknown. But Kawasaki has released a teaser video of what’s coming.

It’s quite clear that Team 38 is going to do certain modifications to the Ninja H2 in order to achieve its goal. This will not be the first time Team 38 will be participating in the Bonneville Speed Week. The team was here two years ago with the Ninja H2R. During that run, the H2R managed to clock a top speed of 354 km/h. This year things are supposedly different.

Named after the Building 38, the facility at the Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) Akashi Works Plant, Kawasaki Team 38 is responsible for the development and improvement of Kawasaki bikes. It has helped the company learn and adapt to the newest technologies over the years.