The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 is being held in Las Vegas. It is one of the biggest tech events that showcases all the new tech that we would be able to use in the near future. There are numerous brands with various products ranging from headphones to drones and whatnot. Skully, the helmet brand, is also present at the event and has unveiled its new Skully Fenix AR helmet in a move to revolutionise the helmet market.

Skully Inc. has now become Skully Technologies and is based in Atlanta. It is led by Ivan and Rafael Contreras. Ivan says, “The Skully Fenix AR is bringing riders an unparalleled experience that offers increased safety and optimal connectivity, and there’s no better time or place to introduce the world’s most intelligent motorcycle helmet than CES. We are deeply passionate about transforming riders’ mobility experience, and by pioneering the Skully Fenix AR, this is a critical first step in our imperative mission to enrich how people engage with the personal mobility interconnect that sets a new standard for safety.”

The new Skully Fenix AR is going to change the helmet owning experience of riders. It has got a heads-up display, rear-facing camera, and smartphone integration which enables GPS navigation. No price has been revealed yet. The production is expected to begin in the summer of 2018.

skully-fenix-ar-field-of-view-ces-2018-uae-dubaiJohn Lauten, COO of Skully Technologies, says, “We are looking forward to bringing Skully, the first AR motorcycle helmet technology, to mass production in the summer of 2018.”

Skully Technologies has got a new motive towards manufacturing and changing the helmet market. The Atlanta based company has a new leadership team which includes Himanshu Parikh as CTO, Jason Scherr as CFO and Diane Maier as Director of Marketing. The company is still hiring to get things going. As per its website, it says, “Skully Technologies is hiring a complete Atlanta-based engineering team to design and manufacture the next generation of Skully AR helmets and other new action-sports products.”