Shoei, a well-known motorcycle helmets manufacturer, presented its first smart helmet concept called the IT-HT at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas. This isn’t the first smart helmet that we’ve seen but it is definitely the first one coming from Shoei.

As of now, not much details regarding the features of Shoei’s IT-HT have been revealed. In the press release, Shoei has only talked about the inclusion of head-up display (HUD) in this smart helmet. This HUD would show information like speed, navigation information, etc.

Shoei has developed its IT-HT smart helmet in collaboration with Japanese electronics manufacturer NS West. We are hoping that Shoei would incorporate more features in this helmet other that HUD because there are other interesting smart helmets from companies like Jarvis, CrossHelmet, Skully, etc. which have got more smart features.

Well, Shoei at least decided to enter into the smart helmets category. It is a big brand and people will be more than happy to buy its smart helmet provided it is worthy of its to-be-announced price and features.

Shoei has not said anything about when we can expect to see this IT-HT smart helmet in the shelves of our nearest helmet store, but it is being speculated that by the end of this year, this concept could become a reality. Let’s see.

By the way, which helmet are you currently using?