Remember last month when Shoei unveiled its first-ever smart helmet concept at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019? Yeah, the one with the weird name (IT-HT). Latest reports suggest that Shoei could launch it sometime in 2020.

The IT-HT is being developed in collaboration with Japanese electronics manufacturer NS West. While it may be the first smart helmet for Shoei, we know that there are a number of smart helmets out there in the market from other brands like Jarvis, CrossHelmet, and Skully.

The IT-HT would get features like a head-up display, navigation, music streaming, call management; there will be inbuilt speakers and microphone. NS West is enhancing the head-up display technology to make it as efficient and lightweight as possible because obviously, Shoei would not like its new helmet to be overweight.


The projection for the head-up display would be a bit bigger than what we usually see in cars. Also, the amount of information displayed will be minimum – navigation instructions and weather data, no speedometer – to avoid any kind of distractions while riding. The display would be clear instead of smoked and would be capable to automatically adjust its brightness.

It’s good to know that well-known and established brands like Shoei are finally entering the smart helmets segment. The competition would surely grow which would give the consumers a wide range of options. As of now, Shoei has not disclosed any specific launch date or price of its IT-HT smart helmet.