Valerie Thompson-crash-uae-dubai

In an attempt to set a new world land speed record, Valerie Thompson crashed her 3,000cc motorcycle at a speed of 553 kph and literally walked away from it.

Valerie Thompson is an American motorcycle drag and land speed racer. It was on 19 March 2018, Monday, when she and her team took off to set a new world land speed record with Valerie astride the BUB 7 streamliner. It is 3,000cc custom-built motorcycle with 500 bhp of power. It is specifically designed for such activities.

Valerie Thompson-crash-uae-dubai
She sustained only minor injuries

According to the report from the FIM, conditions were “ideal” the morning Thompson and Team 7 set out to chase a new world speed record at Lake Gairdner during day three of the World Speed Trials Australia. The streamliner was doing 481 kph when it passed the four-mile marker. Moments later the chase vehicles observed the tail-end of the streamliner lift off the ground. It then fell on its side and skidded for over a mile before coming to a halt.

When Valerie noticed the lift-off of the bike, she immediately deployed the chutes which helped the high-speed motorcycle to stabilise itself a bit. This reduced the impact and consequences of the crash tremendously.

Valerie Thompson-crash-uae-dubai
It’s not blood, but the paint of the bike

Speaking about the crash, Thompson said, “Good news and bad news. (I) Set a record of 328.467(MPH) in the DLRA Event but had a bad crash at the World Speed Trials event. The bike is not in good shape but I’m doing okay. Walked away from the crash. The bike saved my life at 343 mph of impact.”

The totalled 500 bhp motorcycle

We’re glad that Thompson was lucky enough to literally walk away from the crash with only minor injuries, what could have otherwise been a pretty violent scene. Thompson and her team were surely not expecting to end their trip with such a closure but they’re also relieved that the safety equipment onboard worked perfectly and Thompson walked away safely. We wish all the luck for these guys and would love to see them back on the salts to give another shot.