We are still waiting to see the new Royal Enfield Twins – the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 – to go on sale, and Royal Enfield has got another new motorcycle already. Well, not exactly totally new. It’s a Classic 500 Pegasus Limited Edition.

The inspiration behind the Classic 500 Pegasus Limited Edition is the iconic motorcycle – the Flying Flea. It had been used extensively during the World War II. It became extremely famous for its ruggedness and lightweight. It was easy to transport via aircraft and was parachuted down at the destination.


Gordon May, Royal Enfield historian, expressed his views,”The Royal Enfield Flying Flea is the most fantastic story. Imagine these motorcycles that could be parachuted behind enemy lines. Nothing like that had happened before. And it’s something that’s now engrained in both motorcycling and Airborne forces’ history.”

Royal Enfield will make only a 1,000 units of the Classic 500 Pegasus Limited Edition to be sold globally. Out of these, 190 units will be available for purchase in Britain, and 250 units will be sold in India. The remaining is for the rest of the world.

The Classic 500 Pegasus Limited Edition will be available in two colors – Service Brown and Olive Dab Green. Just like the motorcycle itself, these colors, too, are inspired from the military ecosystem. To further enhance the experience, the bike will also have military-style canvas panniers, brown handlebar grips, a leather strap with brass buckles across the air filter, blacked out silencers, rims, kickstart lever, pedals and headlight bezel. All this to replicate the original Flying Flea.

royal-enfield-classic-500-pegasus-uae-dubaiSince the Classic 500 Pegasus Limited Edition will be manufactured only in limited numbers, to make each bike that much more special Royal Enfield will provide a unique serial number on the fuel tank.

Apart from all these aesthetic changes, and additional accessories, the Classic 500 Pegasus Limited Edition remains the same underneath. It has the same 499cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 27.2 horsepower and 41.3 Nm of torque.