Riser App

Touring and going for long drives on a motorcycle in the pursuit of adventure is a special feeling. You tread on new grounds, feeling the elements and come back with long-lasting memories. When you ride a motorcycle, going through a set of maps and finding routes is great but then you will want to find something special, maybe some similarly minded company etc.

This is where the CEO of the Start-Up RISER from Vienna Austria, Dominik Koffu comes in offering an eponymous App with a variety of functions that aims to fulfill the desires of every rider on two wheels.

Riser App

The app allows you to do a lot of things. It lets you track all your rides and shows you live weather reports so you can ensure that you do not get stuck in the rain or snow on the way. You get to set your individual profile and customize it to portray the rider you are whether you are a sports rider or a tourer.

There is a newsfeed section that brings you latest information on the riders and destinations around you that you can explore with new routes to ride on. You also can connect to your rider partners and share your journeys with them.

You collect information on new routes, discover new routes, and share them with other riders. The Riser App, which has the credo “Driven By Adventure” aims to target the rider audience who just want to unplug from their daily grind, turn the app on and go ride. You can customize your profile, add your own bike and put all your details in the “Garage”.

The initial form of the Riser App was introduced in 2016 and the latest version gets a host of new upgrades. While there are many apps to show riders a route to destinations, the Riser App truly sets the spirit of motorcycling by creating a community and an experience making it a great app for riders.