This is how it looks and fits easily on the chin of a full-face helmet

Perhaps, motorcyclists are the most vulnerable creatures on road, after pedestrians. Many motorcycle accidents happen because of the carelessness of other homo sapiens in the vicinity of a motorcyclist. We can’t control others’ actions but at least we can keep a check on ourselves, the rest depends on our luck or God. To add to the safety of motorcyclists, a New Zealand company called Reyedr has joined into the fleet of head-up display accessories by revealing its latest product called the Reyedr HUD.

Reyedr-HUD-Cockpit view
From a rider’s POV

Unlike other head-up display units, the Reyedr HUD is a retrofit. Owing to its small size and light weight, the Reyedr HUD should prove to be a level up from its competitors. Reyedr has been founded by Kal Gwalani and its co-founders are Jens Steinigen and Simon Waters. All of them started working on the HUD unit in 2015.

From left – Kal Gwalani, founder of Reyedr along with co-founders Jens Steinigen and Simon Waters

Reyedr HUD can be retrofitted to the chin bar of any full-face helmet. It shows information like speed, distance, navigation, etc on a small transparent screen. The screen displays this information in different colours which change accordingly to draw the rider’s attention.
The unit can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It has a dedicated app for both Android and iOS users. The app shows various information about the bike, route, ride group, etc. It can even alert emergency services and contacts in case of an unfortunate event.

The feature-rich smartphone app comes for both Android and iOS users

Reyedr HUD is a great tool to make sure that riders keep their eyes on the road ahead and not on their speedometers. With its various features and smartphone app, it gives many options to the user. Reyedr has paid attention to detail and clearly, its founders and co-founders have utilised their personal riding experiences while developing this handy tool.