The Fat Boy is and always will be an original motorcycling icon. Very few motorcycles in the world are as popular as Harley-Davidson’s Fat Boy. It’s etched an unforgettable image in our minds when Arnie took off from a bridge and landed safely while dodging a Freightliner in Terminator. Everyone who saw this motorcycle while I was riding it made a remark about the movie, which, if you think of it, is over 20 years old now. That highlights another aspect of this model, lineage.


The Fat Boy S isn’t about chrome at all, a novelty synonymous with Harley-Davidson. It features an all black finish and comes with a new gloss black Screamin’ Eagle Air-Cooled Twin Cam 110B engine, gloss black lower forks, axle nut covers, handlebar and riser. Black brake lever and hydraulic clutch assembly. Black over/under shotgun exhausts with slash cut mufflers. It is as blacked out as blacked out can be.

One thing that I loved about this motorcycle is the power. The way the air-cooled 110 engine produces and delivers power took me by surprise. It has more than enough grunt to get you off the line quickly and keep going till you pin the needle to the top speed. This engine won’t ever hesitate, you might.


The air-cooled 45° V-Twin engine at the heart of every Softail model is a prime example of what makes a Harley-Davidson motorcycle more satisfying than anything else. Its clean, uncluttered shape fits perfectly in the down tubes of the frame. Even though I’m not a Harely rider, I’m really impressed every time I ride one.

The Fat Boy S combines the classic look of a hard tail and the comfort, handing and rideability of a modern motorcycle. Harley-Davidson has tweaked the entire Softail family with exciting performance upgrades and updates for 2016, including electronic throttle, and standard or available electronic cruise control. The demo motorcycle I rode had cruise control and I couldn’t imagine riding the Fat Boy without it.

Harley-Davidson-fatboy-S-Dubai-Abu-Dhabi_priceI_MG_6288The key thing about the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy S is that it is laden with modern tech but doesn’t look too technological. I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen by accident and it doesn’t come easy, particularly when you consider that the inspiration for the family is the clean, wide-open lines of a vintage hardtail.

The Fat Boy S I rode is priced at AED 106,000 and available for sale at all Harley-Davidson showrooms in the UAE.