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Several models of Indian Motorcycle have been recalled due to a faulty/defective 10A circuit breaker. As per the reports, an internal part of this particular circuit breaker may not be up to quality standards as designed and may open below the rated current value. And if it fails, the bike would lose power and/or completely stall without any warnings.

Affected models

Chief Dark Horse, Chieftain, Chieftain Dark Horse, Vintage, Roadmaster, Springfield, Springfield Dark Horse, and FTR 1200 models manufactured between February 12, 2019, and July 31, 2019. A total of 5,474 units are suspected to be affected by this recall.



Indian Motorcycle will contact the owners of the affected models and notify them about the issue on Jan 2-3, 2020. It will mail a replacement part along with instructions on how to replace the breaker yourself. To facilitate this self-repair, Indian will also offer an online portal to document recall DIY work completion.

If you’re not comfortable performing this work yourself, Indian will also provide recall service at authorized dealerships free of charge.

Note: This recall is only valid in the USA.