Ducati came to know that the mirrors of the Supersport are creating a bit of a problem for the owners. Apparently, the mirrors start to buzz because of the vibrations that exist in the motorcycle. Consequently, Ducati has issued a recall to get the problem resolved.

There are many moving parts in an internal combustion engine and thus there are vibrations. Manufacturers try to reduce them as much as possible, but they can’t fully eliminate them. In the case of Ducati Supersport, the vibrations start at certain speeds and rpm. These vibrations travel through the body parts and reach the mirrors of the motorcycle and cause buzzing. This could hinder with the rider’s visibility of what’s behind.

To overcome the situation, Ducati North America proceeded with a recall. This will affect Supersport models that were manufactured before Oct 2018. As a result, 1,676 units in total have taken a hit. Ducati will contact the owners of the affected motorcycles and will notify them about the issue. The problem will be rectified by replacing the mirrors with a pair of new ones that Ducati has designed after addressing customers’ feedbacks about the vibrations. All this will be done without any charge.

Even though we have come a long way in terms of technological advancement, small issues like this one still exist. Would we ever be able to overcome them? And what would happen when we would get to see full digital and intelligent mirrors?

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The Ducati Supersport is powered by a 937cc, water-cooled, V-twin engine that we see in the Ducati Hypermotard 939. This engine has been tuned to produce 113hp. The Supersport also comes with ABS, traction control, and three riding modes. The suspension duties are taken care of by Marzocchi forks at the front and a Sachs rear shock.