Ducati has announced a recall of its SuperSport and SuperSport S models over a fire hazard. A total of 1,500 (combined) units of the bikes manufactured between July 2016 and May 2018 are affected by this.

As per the reports, the cause of the recall is poorly routed rubber hoses that could melt, spraying fuel on the exhaust manifold and causing a fire. Apparently, the airbox blow-by and fuel tank overfill hoses are routed very close to the exhaust manifold on some bikes. This could cause the hoses to melt and spray fuel all over the manifold.

Ducati has also issued a warning for the riders of these specific bikes. It says to keep an eye out for smoke at idle, or the smell of burning rubber coming from around the lower left side of the fairing.

The entire recall process will begin in August 2018. The customers of the affected motorcycles will be contacted by Ducati. They would need to take their bikes to the nearest Ducati dealership where the issue will be resolved free of charge.