arc vector-uae-dubai

Remember the exotic and very premium Arc Vector that has been showcased at the EICMA last year? Yes, the one which had a price tag of $114,000. It has been given a green flag to enter the production line next year.

Latest reports suggest that Arc’s founder Mark Truman has announced that the electric motorcycle is heading for production in South Wales beginning in 2020. The announcement follows a period of crowdfunding for an initial investment in the project as well as a number of design changes. Arc will make only 399 units of the Vector.


The Vector is so unconventional in many different aspects that we can’t even imagine to discuss each and every one of them in just a story. To cut it short, the Vector is a masterpiece with an extravagant price tag. It will be built not of the masses but for very keen rich enthusiasts, perhaps even those who like to collect art.

Apart from being looking weird and unfathomable, the Vector is also pretty quick. It’s powered by a 399-volt electric motor that produces 140PS of electric power and 85Nm of peak torque which is available instantly and throughout the rev range. Arc claims that the Vector is capable to do the 0-100km/h sprint in 2.7 seconds and has a top speed of over 241km/h. It has an estimated range of 193km on the highway and 274km in the city.

We hope that some millionaire here in Dubai would get the Vector in the region!