Benelli Scooter

Pirelli recently teamed up with Moto Club Benelli and Malossi at Bonneville Speed Week. This joint venture was not to break one scooter top speed record but six of them. This was achieved with the help of three Benelli 491 scooters that were used at this event.  The Benelli 491 scooter has a 50cc motor and managed to set a top speed of 71mph. The scooter did the speed consistently on both the kilometer and mile courses. Mostly, scooters at 50cc will ideally top out and sit at around 35mph or if you push it really hard will hit around 40mph where it will halt.

Benelli Scooter

Considering those factors, it was very impressive to see the Benelli 491 hitting 71mph. The 85cc Benelli scooter bettered this record and hit a top whack of 82.64mph and 82.43mph. The third bike which had a 100cc mill under its heart managed to exceed 88mph on both the runs it undertook.

Thanks to the excellent tuning by Jorg Moller, the scooters were able to hit such high speeds. The first two records were set by the project engineer, Fabio Fazi and the remaining four records were set by the former World and Italian Superbike rider Mauro Sanchini.

Mauro Sanchini does have a long history with scooters as he started his racing career by racing scooters in the 1990s. When asked about the achievement, Sanchini said that he was delighted by the results that they achieved and thanked Pirelli for coming together to get the event organized.

As you would imagine, the record was done on the Bonneville Salt Flats which is a place where every passionate rider should visit and ride on. Sanchini also said that there were challenges but they were finally able to pull it off and learn many things on the way and hopes to break this record and better it soon.