Piaggio has opened its dealerships for booking of its ambitious electric scooter Vespa Elettrica. The booking can be done online with an amount of 550 pounds while the rest 5999 pounds will be settled with the local dealerships.

The contrast of Vespa’s evolution was highlighted after the company decided to manufacture the scooter at the same plant where the first ever Vespa rolled out of the production line in 1946.

Vespa has joined the fresh parade of electrified tow-wheelers soon after some of the biggies such as Harley Davidson and Energica. This is evidently a result of demanding emission norms around the world and also moving to more ecological alternatives.

The scooter is powered by a lightweight lithium-ion battery that puts out a peak power of 5bhp and gives a ‘dizzying’ performance. With a range of close to 100km, Piaggio states that the battery is capable of a full recharge in four hours when plugged into a dedicated charging station.

Apart from that, the scooter also uses the KERS system that regenerates energy when slowing similar to that of Formula 1 car. The scooter also gets some serious electronic features including a 4.3-inch TFT multimedia system that allows one to pair a smartphone as well as a Bluetooth headset to the scooter.

In the same breath, the scooter also gets a key which operates as a remote control that can locate the scooter with directional indicators. If the 100km range was not sufficient, Vespa’s higher variant, Elettrica X comes with a usable range up to 200km due to the addition of a generator that’s powered by petrol.

While the heart of a scooter might be a futuristic one, Piaggia has retained the classic Vespa when it comes to its looks. It now comes in a range of seven different colours and a host of additional accessories.