Ducati caused a stir in the motorcycle industry when it launched the Panigale V4. That bike is designed to break and set new lap records. It has got terrific power and torque thanks to its mighty V4 engine. The world received all that power with opened arms.

So, Ducati thought why not put the V4 in another bike? Of course, you should! This led to the birth of the upcoming Ducati Streetfighter V4 whose prototype we’ve already seen. Yes, we don’t have an exact launch date right now but it surely is going to come soon as the prototype is almost production-ready.

Until that happens, what next could Ducati be planning to do with its V4 engine? It spent countless hours and uncountable money to develop it, so it would make sense to use it as widely as possible. Owing to that fact, there is a new rumour which says that the next V4 bike from the Italian manufacturer would be a Multistrada.

As per the German motorcycle magazine Motorrad, a few journalists spied the Multistrada V4 undergoing some tests in Borgo Panigale. Unfortunately, there are no spy shots of the bike right now. It’s believed that the test bike had the silhouette of the current-generation Multistrada.


More information suggests that with the Multistrada V4 Ducati is going to take motorcycle safety to the next level. It is going to implement its Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) that it has been working on for a few years now. This system includes a set of radars mounted at both the front and rear of the bike. Basically, this will give motorcyclists features that we have seen only in cars till now. These features include adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, etc.

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The most powerful Multistrada that we have right now produces around 158 horses. The new one with the V4 slapped on is expected to have around 190 of them!

Let’s see when we get to hear more about this super machine.