We have seen quite a handful of electric motorcycles over the past few years. And we can’t deny the fact that the technology has evolved tremendously. Nowadays, more and more companies are getting into this segment and trying to build a modern electric motorcycle with an unseen sophisticated design. However, one brand has kept sophistication out of its drawing board and has come up with one of the simplest-looking electric motorcycles that we’ve ever seen – Novus electric motorcycle.

Novus is a German company and it has unveiled its brand-new electric bike at the CES 2019. There were two things about this bike that got the people’s attention – its looks and its price.

Let’s take on the looks first. The Novus electric motorcycle is a very simple-looking two-wheeler. Novus has removed anything that didn’t serve a purpose on a bike. This bike features a unique carbon fiber monocoque-frame which works both as a structural member and the visual part of the bike. Of course, using carbon fiber means the bike is extremely lightweight as carbon fiber is lighter than steel or aluminum.

To propel this bike forward there is a motor which produces up to 14kW of power and an enormous 200Nm of torque. Considering the light weight of the bike, this torque figure is really extreme. In fact, it could easily be more than sufficient for a proper IC engine motorcycle. Novus says that the motor is capable to pull the bike up to a top speed of 60mp/h.

The battery on the Novus electric motorcycle is located at the bottom of the frame to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. This helps in the handling of the bike. The Li-ion battery has a range of approx 60 miles, which Novus claims is equivalent to of over 3 hours of travel time in urban traffic. And this thing can charge up to 80% in an hour.


Novus has also worked upon the suspension of this bike. At the front is a specially developed carbon fiber setup that seamlessly blends into the bike’s design without compromising on the working of the suspension. And at the rear, the suspension is neatly hidden in the frame. It is also adjustable in both rebound and compression.

At the front, there is an LED light that is almost invisible. And the rear end gets a similar touch up with an integrated LED brake light. The fit and finish are top-notch.

Novus has not included any kind of instrument cluster in the bike. Novus says, “The benefits of the connected, digital world make it possible to integrate the smartphone not only as a control and display instrument but also as a digital key. By eliminating unnecessary hardware, new ideas can be made instantly available.”


So there you have it, the Novus electric motorcycle. Now comes the price. Novus has priced this bike at a whopping USD 39,500 (AED 145,093) and will be making a thousand units. Are you interested?