Supercharged Norton Superlight SS-uae-dubai

Norton’s latest gig is its Superlight SS which has been slapped on with a supercharger and to further justify its name, lots of carbon-fibre. The result is a 160 kg motorcycle that churns out 175 horsepower!

The new Norton Superlight SS is a limited edition model and only 50 of them will be manufactured. It is based on the standard Superlight so you will find similarities. What Norton has done with the Superlight SS is given it a carbon-fibre swingarm, frame, and subframe which helped it to reach that 160 kg figure; a weight reduction of around 47% when compared to the standard Superlight.

Its 650cc supercharged engine produces 175 bhp at 12,500 rpm and 125 Nm of torque. To make sure that the gearbox handles all that extra horses, Norton replaced the standard unit with that of the Norton V4. The same engine in the standard bike produces 105 bhp.

Just like most of the Norton motorcycles, this one, too, is a piece of art and if you want to own one you should probably make some calls because the Superlight SS is a limited edition model. Right now, we don’t know whether Norton would be putting superchargers in any of its other bikes. We really hope they do!