Norton will produce the stunning new Commando 961 Street with the downer being that only 50 units have been confirmed for production.

The Norton Commando 961 Street is a sort of amalgamation of the past, the present, and the surreal (think dreams). The motorcycle is a reimagination of the 961 platform, combining Norton’s vision of a modern Commando with the dreams of bike builders Henry Cole and Guy Willison. The new 961 Street is Cole’s 40-year-old vision of a perfect Norton come to life.

The Norton Commando 961 Street was dreamed up, penned down, and built by Cole and Willison with a little help from different fabricators along the way. After Norton chief Stuart Garner gave the project bike his approval, the 961 Street became a legitimate Norton, and a numbered, limited-edition one at that. Production is expected to start in December, with each unit ringing in at close to $24,000.Norton-Commando-961-Streeet-Dubai-UAE

What do you get for the princely sum of cash? You get a Norton Commando 961 Sport MkII, heavily revised by the duo. It is inspired by the Harley-Davidson XR750 flat-tracker, and looks more like a 1970s muscle bike than a British roadster. The chassis and engine are untouched, but the tank, seat, tail section, and handlebars are new. The tank and tail are handmade in aluminium, and the seat cover is Alcantara stitched with a diamond pattern.

Black Renthal FatBars are nicely complemented by the polished top yoke and bar clamps. Official factory-made carbon headlamp cowl, fender, chain guard, and number plate hanger all come together to add a hint of subtle bling to the package. Stuart Garner is all praise for the 961 Street. ” It’s mega,” he says. “It was all Henry’s idea on the styling and is very cool. I genuinely like it. It’s got that straight-bar street look, and reminds me of all my mad mates who were riding Z1000s or GS at that time. It’s changed the vibe of the Commando. It’s a fabulous twist on our 961 platform. It’s a gorgeous thing.”Norton-Commando-961-Streeet-Dubai-UAE

All Images Courtesy: MCN