The last three weekends were quite the usual for me. One, because I really don’t like riding in hot summer sun. Two, because there was no MotoGP race. It is really hard to fathom the fact that there isn’t any MotoGP race this weekend. Anyway, so to get my adrenaline boosted up and to get ‘more’ inspired by the MotoGP riders, I watched two movies (related to MotoGP, of course) on last two weekends. And believe me, they didn’t help at all. In fact, they made me miss MotoGP even more! Below are the movies that you can watch this weekend to get ready for the next MotoGP race.

1. Fastest (2011)
To be honest, I really didn’t know anything about these movies. A friend of mine (a biker, obviously) told me a few titles and I decided to give them a shot. So, the first movie is called the ‘Fastest’. Two minutes into the movie, and I am completely absorbed into it! It is that freaking good. It was shot during 2010-2011 and revolves around the MotoGP riders. It reveals what goes behind the scenes of a MotoGP race. Everything is not just ‘bread and cheese’ at it looks like on a television screen. It takes guts, practice, consistency, hard work, crashes (many of them) and perseverance to become a legend, to become a MotoGP World Champion. Here’s the trailer.

Video courtesy – Cinedigm (YouTube Channel)

‘Fastest’ is a sequel to ‘Faster (2003), which was shot after Valentino Rossi became the MotoGP World Champion in 2002. I haven’t watched this one yet, but if ‘Fastest’ is such a kick-ass movie, then I’m pretty sure ‘Faster (2003)’ will be nothing less.

2. Hitting The Apex (2015)
After watching ‘Fastest’, I was very much mesmerised by MotoGP, the sport. I didn’t even fully get out of the shots of that movie and then I watched this one, Hitting The Apex. Dope! Being released in 2015, it involves new riders too. Just as the name suggests, the movie is about MotoGP riders and the sport itself. ‘A MotoGP bike accelerates faster than an F1 car’. Narrated by Brad Pitt, this movie will definitely send chills down your spine. You will pause and try to take in what just you watched. You will re-watch scenes and crashes. Watch its trailer below.

Video courtesy – MotoGP (YouTube Channel)

I hope you enjoy your weekend! Stay tuned as I’d be sharing some more ‘biker movies’ soon.