Yamaha Niken, the first production leaning three-wheel motorcycle, was launched earlier this year. Now, Yamaha is working on another such motorcycle that is expected to be launched sometime next year. This new leaning three-wheel would feature the MT-03 engine.

As per the latest reports, Yamaha has filed patents for this next Niken. The drawings of this bike are similar to that of the original Niken. However, the engine on this new one will be extracted from the MT-03.


Yamaha MT-03 is the naked version of the YZF-R3. Both these bikes have got the same 321cc engine but in a different state of tune. The parallel-twin on the MT-03 produces 40bhp of max power and 29Nm of peak torque. Now, since Yamaha has filed the patents, it would soon start working on the real thing. Or, perhaps, it already is. You never know.

This move from Yamaha clearly indicates its seriousness toward the leaning three-wheel bikes. It sees them as a booming segment in the industry. The Niken has really impressed us with everything it has to offer, and we’re expecting the upcoming younger Niken would do the same. But the question still remains, is it really necessary to have such machines? What do you think?