It was earlier last month when the first teaser of Zero Motorcycles’ upcoming SR/F electric bike was revealed. Not much was known at that time as Zero kept the teaser video very short. A couple of weeks later, Zero came out with another teaser in the form of a curious picture of the SR/F. Now, there’s yet another teaser video. It’s still a short one but this time it gives away major technical details of the bike.

The video tells us about the battery pack and electric motor of the Zero SR/F. It’s quite likely that the electric bike will have a 14.4 kWh battery pack which is currently being used in the S and SR motorcycles. This pack has a capacity of providing a range of 120 miles (193 km). It is also Zero’s biggest-capacity battery yet.

As far as the electric motor is concerned, the SR/F is going to have Zero’s Z-Force 75-10 electric motor. Now, Zero uses a Z-Force 75-7 electric motor in its SR model and that has got around 70 hp and 157 Nm of torque. It can take the SR to a top speed of 102 mph (164 kph). So the motor in the upcoming SR/F is expected to be more powerful and it could be true because the SR/F is going to be a performance-oriented product.

Well, we still have to wait until 25th Feb, which is the launch date that Zero has picked to reveal the new SR/F, to get all the details. It seems that this new electric motorcycle will be a game changer for the company.