Zero DS ZF14.4 2018-uae-dubai-01

Zero Motorcycles, a well-known name in the electric motorcycle industry, has extended its product range by introducing the new Zero DS ZF14.4 (dual-sport) model. This model is claimed to have a longer range.

It has got a larger battery capacity of 14.4kWh which takes 9 hours and 48 minutes to get fully charged via a normal domestic socket. Zero Motorcycles is providing additional accessories for people who want to further increase the range of the motorcycle. The accessories include a ‘power tank’ which increases the battery capacity of the bike to achieve a range of 326.69kms in the city or 156.10km on open highways.

Commenting on the new model, Umberto Uccelli, Managing Director of Zero Motorcycles Europe, said, “The longer-range 11kW Zero DS meets a growing demand from Europeans who carry standard car, or A1 motorcycle licences and seek an exciting, new, dual sport experience. With twice the battery and fast charge options, the range and recharge capabilities of this new model will transform the daily transportation of a growing number of drivers and riders into a pure, powerful, and effortless, experience.”

Zero DS ZF14 2018-uae-dubai-02The other available accessory is the optional ‘charge tank’ which allows the user to decrease the charging time of the batteries. This tank makes the bike compatible with public electric vehicle recharge points and reduces the full-charge time to two-and-a-half hours.

Being a learner’s bike, the new Zero Dual-Sport motorcycle is capable to produce a continuous power of 15hp. Although it can produce a max power of 59hp, it has been limited by the company to fulfil the learner’s bike norms. The max torque available is 108.46Nm. That’s a big number.