Electric motorcycles have not only become today’s technology, but they’ve also veered into motorsports. There is going to be the first season of the MotoE world championship in 2019. Energica is the sole supplier of the electric race bikes. We recently reported about Yamaha allegedly working on an electric trials bike. And now, the Japanese company has revealed the motorcycle.

It is called the Yamaha TY-E. Yamaha has successfully fitted an electric motor on this motorcycle and is eyeing to compete in the FIM Trial E-Cup. So what’s new here? It is just another electric motorcycle, and such bikes in today’s world isn’t a surprising factor. However, what’s interesting to note here is that Yamaha has incorporated a mechanical clutch.


Electric motorcycles do not have gears, and all the power or torque is available on just a twist of the throttle. So, why the clutch? Yamaha has included it to allow or help the rider to modulate the power delivery of the motorcycle. It will be a seriously good advantage for the rider during races to have precise control of the output power of the electric motor. How cool is that, right? If it does its job then maybe we would get to see its implementation in other electric bikes of other manufacturers and perhaps in the MotoE bikes as well.

Another interesting fact about the new Yamaha TY-E trials electric bike is the fact that even after being an electric motorcycle and carrying an electric motor and lithium-ion batteries, the entire motorcycle weighs just 70 kg. Yamaha has achieved this by using a carbon composite monocoque frame (CFRP).

Yamaha-TY-E-electric-trials-uae-dubaiIt will be very thrilling to watch Yamaha participate in the FIM Trial E-Cup and to witness its latest electric trials bike. As of now, Yamaha has neither released a detailed spec sheet of the motorcycle or its price. We are hoping to get both of them soon.