The Trans Euro Trail (TET) organization has compiled and announced a network of dual sport trails that criss crosses the continent of Europe. The Trans European Trail spans 34,000 km and includes Europe’s southernmost point, Gibraltar, all the way up to the Arctic Circle in Norway.

The TET is so designed that almost all the time you are traveling on dirt, far away from civilisation. Parts of the trail run through Europe’s remotest locations, including dense forests full of predators. At some places, riders would need to camp in these forests, and light up a fire just to ward off packs of wolves and roving bears. The trans-continental trail takes riders through some of Europe’s most treasured historic locations. World War II monuments, ancient and medieval castles, quaint medieval towns, prehistoric sites: You name it, it will appear on the TET.


The Trans European Trail weaves its way through 27 European countries. Along this route, cultures, cuisines and languages change by the day. Europe’s most breathtaking views and natural wonders are all but promised on the TET. Coastlines, forests, rolling plains, famous beaches all are dotted along the trail.

The TET is a purist’s dream, offering all types of terrians to ride over, like gravel, rocks, mud, river crossings, even sand. The tracks are mostly single, with only a handful that can take a car. This trail is geared towards small to medium displacement dual sport machines like the CCM GP450, Yamaha Tenere, Suzuki DRZ range, KTM 690 Enduro and EXC range, etc. Big Adventure bikes make the trail, but it is best enjoyed on light weight enduro or dirt bikes. Riders can choose to camp along the trail or check in at local hostels. As more riders hit the road, support and information will continue to increase.


Best of all, the entire Trans European Trail can be downloaded for free. The TET is patched together by riding enthusiasts of different countries, who want to share their countries’ backyard trails on a bigger stage. In its entirety, the Trans European Trail is now the longest in the world, dwarfing the Trans America Trail (TAT) at 8,000 km and the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) at nearly 5,000 km. As regards time, covering the entire Trans European Trail could take months, depending on rider skill. Additionally, the TET can be covered one country at a time. Pretty nifty, considering the sheer length in total of the trail.


With the introducion of the TET, it is time to mount up your Enduro and hit the trails of Europe!