Earlier this month, Zero Motorcycles teased its all-new SR/F for the first time. We got pretty excited about this new electric bike because first- it’s a Zero, and second- it looked quite attractive in the teaser image and video. Building up the suspense and excitement, Zero has now released a new teaser image.

What does the new teaser image of Zero SR/F reveal?

While in the previous teaser image we saw the Zero SR/F only from the front, the new one gives a hint of the bike from the side. The image is pretty darkened out for obvious reasons, but one can still study it.

The prominent element that has been highlighted in this new teaser image is the tank. It has got sharp lines and should be a great design. We also spot that the pillion seat is a bit small and might be uncomfortable for long journeys, it’s something that we would get to know when we see the bike in flesh. The tail section of the bike is also kept short which looks pretty great and sporty. The design of the new Zero SR/F below the seat still remains a mystery.

Other details that are being speculated include a big 20kWh battery pack, a 120hp electric motor, and other advanced electronics like cornering ABS, TFT dash, etc. We’d need to see how many of these features come true. It is also being expected that the Zero SR/F price would be upwards of USD 20k (AED 73,465).

Zero SR/F launch date is 25th Feb 2019, that’s almost a month from now. Let’s see what it turns out to be.