Vespa is one of those brands which is a lifestyle statement. It never backs off when it comes to experimenting with colours, fashion, style, and youthfulness. Vespa already offers a plethora of exciting colours for its various products and also have unique accessories. Taking this to the next level, Vespa is going to present a new, stylish, limited-edition model at the EICMA 2019.

And it won’t be just Vespa thinking outside the box to come up with this new product, we’ll have Sean Wotherspoon too. For those of you who aren’t aware of this name, Sean Wotherspoon is one of the rising stars of youth fashion in the USA. Pure energy, unstoppable and curious; a forerunner, an experimenter, a fanatic of street culture and of everything it can encompass. Instagram is the world through which he communicates and shares his passion, and his almost one million followers adore him.

Sean Wotherspoon

So, Sean Wotherspoon and Vespa have announced a partnership to create a new style: bold, irreverent and fun, for those who express a unique and youthful spirit in and beyond the metropolitan environment.

(We had a great time in Amman where we became a part of the Vespa Jam. Check out this cool video.)

The partnership aims to create around the brand a community of individuals who want to have fun not only with personal fashion tastes but also, and above all, by making style and carefree enjoyment their primary colours on the streets. No brand outside of Vespa could interpret this challenge better and more consistently.

Wotherspoon will define the aesthetic standards of a special and limited-edition Vespa Primavera further complimented with a dedicated helmet and an exclusive streetwear capsule collection.

The first results of this creative process will be presented at EICMA 2019 in Milan in Nov, with the collection, that is already exciting Vespa enthusiasts and fans of Sean Wotherspoon, being released globally in Spring 2020.