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A sportbike has an aggressive riding position and a naked motorcycle has an upright stance. Similarly, cruisers have even more relaxed ergonomics to suit its character. Every bike has a different riding position. So what if we tell you that there’s a way to have multiple riding positions on a single motorcycle? Honda might have done just that.

As per the reports, the Japanese motorcycle giant has filed a series of patent applications in Japan for a new technology which says it can offer variable riding position on the same bike. The patent images show a CBR1000RR having two different riding positions – the first one is sportier and more aggressive whereas the second depicts a more relaxed and upright stance.

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The idea behind this is to raise the handlebars of the motorcycle from a lower set position to a higher position to switch between the two riding positions. And all this by the touch of a button. This tech also allows the rider to adjust the windscreen depending on his selected riding position. For example, for long distance touring, the windscreen can be moved upwards to provide better windblast protection.

Right now, Honda has said nothing about the inclusion of this new technology in any of its upcoming motorcycles. Maybe Honda would try it out in the new CBR1000RR or perhaps there might be a new model altogether.