As per the latest reports, Suzuki has filed a few drawings which could be of one of its upcoming products. There are no exact details available right now but Suzuki is definitely cooking something special. Let’s try to analyze the patent filings, shall we?

It appears to be that the bike in question here is of very compact dimensions. We can say that because there’s only a single saddle, or perhaps Suzuki has left out the remaining portion of the saddle for now and might add it on a later stage.

The main highlight here is the trellis frame. It has an interesting shape. The fuel tank sits on top of the frame and has got knee recesses and an elongated design. This gives us a hint that this could be a cafe racer of some sorts as such kind of fuel tanks are common in the genre. We don’t see any handlebars in the drawings but considering the other details, we think it would have a set of clip-ons which would suit the bike perfectly.

It appears to be a single-cylinder engine.

Another thing that we can make out of the drawings is the rear suspension. It is a mono shock setup. Also, there is a triangular swingarm in place. We also see a single exhaust pipe twisted in a weird fashion. This could also mean that the bike would feature a single-cylinder engine and perhaps would fall somewhere in the small to mid-weight cafe racer category.

It is being said that the highlight of these drawings is the trellis frame. So there is a possibility that Suzuki can change the other elements in the future. Whatever the case is, Suzuki has got us hooked here. Let’s wait to get some more information about this mystery project. What do you guys have to say about it?