While there is no sign of the Recursion on the streets despite Suzuki showcasing the concept half a decade ago, new patent drawings of the bike have surfaced that give us a little bit of hope of the concept becoming a reality.

Suzuki showcased the original Recursion concept at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The 2013 Recursion was a half-faired 588cc, SOHC, parallel-twin turbocharged commuter concept that promised oodles of power, torque, as well as increased fuel efficiency compared to a regular 600cc motorcycle. After the initial showcase, the concept went deep underground, with the Japanese motorcycle company remaining tight-lipped about its status.

Image Courtesy: Asphalt & Rubber

New patent drawings registered by Suzuki shuffle things up a bit. The motor is now a DOHC 700cc parallel-twin unit with a potential power output above 150HP. The bar-seat-peg relationship points towards a sportier motorcycle than the company envisioned it to be. The brakes appear to be radial in the drawings, which are capable of stopping powerful motorcycles reassuringly. The bike is built around a steel trellis frame that offers room for the turbo’s extra fitments. It also helps keep costs down, while looking really cool. The drawings also indicate a single-sided swingarm.

The overall design appears like it takes cues from Suzuki’s famous Katana sport bike. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, as we can imagine a 21st-century Katana, and it sure looks good. Suzuki has also linked the concept to the 70s bike by giving the former the ‘GSX700’ designation. The bodywork of the motorcycle hides most of the mechanicals, perhaps purposefully. On the other hand, maybe Suzuki is trying to bring back the fully-wrapped motorcycle trend? The six-spoke wheel up front balances the heavy look of the motorcycle and lightens the front end visually. What we can clearly see from the drawings is the forward facing turbocharger, and a reverse flow head design.

Is Suzuki actually working on a forced-induction engine? Hard to tell. But we can definitely say that the company is keeping the turbo-fire burning in its mind with the recent update to the patent drawings. Let’s hope the Recursion sees the light of day sooner than later, eh?

Source: RideApart