new lightning motorcycle teaser-BNM-UAE-DUBAI

It was in early January 2019 when we got to see the first teaser of Lightning’s upcoming new electric motorcycle called the Strike. This teaser got us all very excited as Lightning is the manufacturer of the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, the LS-218. So our expectations for the new product already skyrocketed. Then there were two more teasers that gave details about the riding position and specs of the electric motor. Now, there is a new teaser that shares the charging options of the Strike.

This is the fourth teaser that Lightning has released. It tells us the Strike is going to have 3 charging options – level 1 (home charging), level 2 (on the go), and level 3 (ultra fast DC). There is an image released by the company showing a figure explaining these 3 options.

As you can see, the level 1 option would allow you to charge your Strike overnight by plugging it in in any standard 110V household socket. This will be best when you want your bike to be fully charged before you leave your home for work in the morning.


The level 2 option offers a bit fast charging. It is talking about using the widespread J1772 network at 50,000+ charging stations located across the country (US). This will charge up the Strike to full in 2-3 hours.

The last but not the least, level 3 is the fastest charging option available. It is ultra fast and would give you a range of 100+ miles in just 20 minutes and it takes 35 minutes to recharge the batteries completely. That’s pretty impressive.

The thing is, we don’t know whether these 3 options would come as standard or customers would need to buy a ‘fast charger’ or an additional battery pack as an accessory. We think chances of it being an accessory are quite high. What do you have to say about it?


Other details about the Lighting Strike that we know so far include 150 miles in a single charge, top speed of 150 mp/h (241 km/h), twin headlight setup with LED DRLs, starting price of $12,998 (AED 47,744), relaxed riding position when compared to the LS-218, and liquid-cooled electric motor.

As far as the launch date is concerned, Lightning still hasn’t confirmed one. It has only said it is going to launch Strike before 31 March 2019.