MotoGP motorcycles are armed with the highest level of equipment and technologies. These elements are required because the competition in this sport has become very fierce over the years and safety of the riders is of utmost importance. These features come at a cost and aren’t allowed to be used on any road-legal production motorcycle, no matter how hardcore the machine is.

Perhaps that will change soon as the new fairings in MotoGP bikes could be road legal. We saw teams using winglets on their motorcycles in previous MotoGP season, in order to enhance the aerodynamic capabilities. But those external protruding winglets posed safety threats to riders on track going over 300+ kph. So MotoGP authorities banned the further use of winglets. (They looked hideous, anyway)

So now MotoGP Teams would need to work on a new fairing to gain the missing aerodynamics and downforce. These fairings should be less expensive than the winglets and it is being said that they are being designed to be road relevant too.

External winglets posed a safety threat for MotoGP riders

MotoGP Director of Technology, Corrado Cecchinelli, says, “What [the MotoGP manufacturers] are doing now, or what I expect they will be doing, is much more road relevant than horrible wings. This is a good by-product of the new regulations. These fairings could be used in a high-end road machine, but not the wings. Anyway, this was not the goal, but nonetheless, it is a useful side-effect.”

He also added, “It is not correct to say people should not design their fairing to have an aerodynamic effect because this is the job of the fairing. That is not what we wanted. I’m saying that because sometimes we have critics that are against everything and they say; ‘you ban the wings but still they have downforce using different things. Okay, but we didn’t ban downforce! We have nothing against aerodynamics, we have something against too much money being spent and something against it being dangerous.”

It seems that it wouldn’t be long when the future high-performance road-legal production motorcycles would be available equipped with MotoGP developed fairings. This will not only enhance the performance of those machines but will also reduce the development costs and hence the final production cost of the product.

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