MTT 420RR promises more power, better suspension and brake components, and carbon fiber body.

Since the dawn of motorcycles, all imaginable types of engines have been plonked between two wheels and a frame lifted off a bicycle. People have built motorcycles powered by steam engines, electric engines, rotary engines, and then some. Amidst all these experiments, someone thought powering a motorcycle with an engine from a helicopter would be a great idea.

Enter MTT (Marine Turbine Technologies) with the ludicrous Y2K. The object of desire for many a motorcyclist across the globe, the Y2K took the motorcycling world by storm. Quite simply, no one had imagined that a motorcycle could be powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. MTT with their century’s worth of experience building turbines for seacraft had built a road going helicopter engine powered motorcycle. A motorcycle which belted out 320 hp and topped out at 365 kph.


The MTT Y2K was the star of the decade gone by. After a limited production run with a stupendously expensive price tag, the Y2K was pulled off the assembly line. Nearly ten years of focusing again on turbines, MTT has now come up with a motorcycle that looks like a generation ahead of the Y2K Turbine. Powered by a Rolls-Royce M250 turbine – the same engine that powers the US Military’s OH-58 Kiowa, Bell JetRanger, and a lot of other choppers.


Christened the MTT 420RR (Race Ready), the new motorcycle is poised to become the world’s fastest production motorcycle. The MTT 420RR is still in its prototype stage. Once finished, the makers assure us, the production bike will produce 420 hp at 5200 RPM and 813 Nm torque from 2000 RPM onwards. Brutal numbers, by motorcycle standards. MTT is currently working in conjunction with Ohlins to develop suspension specifically for the 420RR. The bike will sit on custom carbon fiber wheels designed and built by BST and could get a GPR steering damper. Braking specialists ISR will provide the braking system, including six-piston calipers, master cylinders, and rotors.

The above snippets point towards the birth of a motorcycle that will lay claim to being the fastest on this planet for many years to come. Until MTT comes up with another bike, that is. The MTT 420RR will be launched with a three-wheeled sibling alongside.